• Yaeji - With A Hammer (HOT PINK VINYL)

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Yaeji - With A Hammer (HOT PINK VINYL)

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The debut Yaeji album. Gatefold LP with lyric insert, obi and Hammer ID card. Dreamt up across New York, London and Seoul, With A Hammer sees Yaeji contending with a lifetime’s worth of both societal and self-imposed repression. The resulting 13-track full-length from the producer, vocalist, DJ, visual-artist and creative director is an exploration of shapeshifting sonics - blending Yaeji’s original dance music roots with Korean indie rock, electronica and pop from the ‘90s and early 2000s.


  • 1. Submerge FM
  • 2. For Granted
  • 3. Fever
  • 4. Passed Me By
  • 5. With A Hammer
  • 6. I’ll Remember For Me, I’ll Remember For You
  • 7. Done (Let’s Get It)
  • 8. Ready Or Not (ft. K Wata)
  • 9. Michin (ft. Enayet)
  • 10. Away x5
  • 11. Happy (ft. Nourished By Time)
  • 12. 1 Thing To Smash (ft. Loraine James)
  • 13. Be Alone In This