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Midori San Starter Kit

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Mister Green Fragrance No. 2 - ミドリサン (Midori-San) is a Yuzu/Marijuana perfume, made in celebration of the places where the idea and inspirations for “a friendly shop for high minded people” was born, and where it was cultivated.

The fragrance, with base notes of terpenes found in gas strains connote New York City’s high power flower: Sour Diesel. The top notes of Yuzu are in reverence of Japan where the citrus is used extensively in cooking, aromatherapy, and other practices. Additional hints of Hiba, tobacco, and green flower varietals present a fresh scent that feels balanced for warmer temperatures.General notes: citrus, cannabis, softwood, tobacco, green flowers.

Each pack includes:

  • (1) sample perfume of ミドリサン (MIDORI-SAN)

  • (2) hemp seeds (grow your own)

Made by Maaklab in Portland, Oregon.